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Indie Author Event

October 13, 2019

I had a blast at the Bonita Spring Indie Author Day yesterday. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. Meeting all of you is the fun part of writing novels!

Missed the event? I’m also selling my Damaged Heroes series on Nov 1st, at the Annual Holiday Bazaar, Bonita Bay Community Center.

Kirkus Review for “A Savage Trick”!

August 24, 2019

Check this out! “Andre’s latest book offers fast-paced romantic suspense with well-developed characters, and a multilayered, nuanced plot with a poignant love story at its center… A thoughtful and sensitive romance that makes for a dynamic series installment.” Kirkus Review

That was just a quick summary. Here’s the whole book review. Getting a nod from such an esteemed review site is the bomb–I’m so excited to share this with you!

Win all these novels!

July 10, 2019

Hey, look what you can win! My latest release, A Savage Trick is part of this sweeping summer giveaway of suspense and thriller novels. Someone is going to walk away with all of these, plus an ereader, so why not you? All you do is follow the authors’ Bookbub page…each follow earns you 5 points.

Have you heard of Bookbub? It’s a free and friendly site that lists massive ebook deals, posts recommendations and allows you to leave reviews of your favorite reads. Following an author means you’ll get a Bookbub notification every time there’s a new release. It’s a win-win for everybody, so don’t miss this beach read extravaganza. Good luck! (Contest has been extended to July 24th.)

Help me title my novel!

June 12, 2019

Hey, I need your help! The next book in my Damaged Heroes series needs a title and I’m opening it up to readers for some brainstorming help. If I use your creation I’ll A) thank you in the acknowledgements and B) send you a free copy when it releases next year!

I’m looking to return to the style of the first two books: Locked, Loaded and Lying and Tall, Dark and Damaged. Meaning a common phrase with a twist at the end. Something along with the lines of: the strong, silent type. Or means, motive and… you see?

About the character: Jace Quinn is an ex-SEAL turned FBI agent-associate who is desperate for a special agent title. His arrogance hides raw vulnerability, his competitiveness hides epic insecurities and his worldview of being superior to women hides a deep down belief of exactly the opposite. Have fun with this and email me with your brainstorming ideas soon!

FREE NOVEL as a thank you!

May 7, 2019

As I reach my 5th anniversary of being a published author I’d like to thank you by reducing the digital version of Tall, Dark and Damaged to FREE until May 16th!

Please share this news with anyone you think would love a contemporary Gothic mystery. A black sheep son returns home to make amends, but becomes entrenched in bitter familial rivalry, a hostage takeover attempt and someone willing to kill to keep a family secret buried.

If you enjoyed Victoria Holt novels about a brooding hero in a creepy mansion, family skeletons and a heroine in the wrong place at the wrong time, this is right up your alley. Enjoy!

Happy Release Day to Me!

April 23, 2019

A quick hello and happy news: A Savage Trick is now available!! This is the third romantic suspense in my Damaged Heroes series and the early feedback has been great (yay!)

Grab a cup of coffee and read a three chapter excerpt, and make sure to visit my FB or Twitter pages because I’m holding a bunch of giveaways!

I’ll touch base in a few days from the 2019 Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Event in Milwaukee, WI. Off to pack!

Shhh! Guess what?

April 14, 2019

You can buy the paperback version of A Savage Trick now!! Yes, today- 9 days early! Why? Because even though the official release date for this next book in my Damaged Heroes series is April 23rd, I needed paperback copies for the upcoming Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Event. And the only way to get my author copies was to make paperbacks available for you as well!

I’m keeping the news on the down-low to avoid consumer confusion, since all my promotion lists April 23rd, which is when the digital copy releases. But feel free to buy your paperback copy now, yay! I’m thrilled about this story and have already received emails from early readers gushing about the exciting plot. I know you’ll love it too!

Read the excerpt, and make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter because on the official April 23rd release day I’m giving lots of swag away only to subscribers!

Cover Reveal and Excerpt of “A Savage Trick”

March 28, 2019

Here it is! A Savage Trick is available Tuesday, April 23rd, and I’ve set up a pre-order link on Amazon so you can reserve your copy. This is the third book in the Damaged Heroes Series. What’s it about? Here’s the back cover blurb or grab a cup of coffee and enjoy these first three chapters!

I don’t mind confessing, this story took a lot out of me. One of the first craft lessons writers learn is to figuratively drag their protagonist (hero) through the mud. As soon as he stands back up we’re to run him over with a bus. In this particular story, after poor Trick Quinn manages to once again stagger to his feet I lobbed a grenade. He works really hard for his Happily Ever After, and I know this novel will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Would love to know what you think! Have you subscribed to my newsletter? I just sent out free copies of this and Tall, Dark and Damaged,Damaged Heroes Book 1, so sign up and receive inside scoops, books and gifts!