A Savage Trick

BOOK 3 in the Damaged Heroes Series

Hero: Patrick Quinn, Sean’s laid back older brother, a lieutenant at Fire Station 126 in the South Shore. If you’ve read Capturing the Queen you’ll know his nickname is Trick. Here’s a picture I found to help me visualize him. You’re welcome!

Heroine: Zamira, (in Capturing the Queen this was the woman who volunteered at the Crisis Hotline with Gretch Allen.)

Setting: still Chicago, the time is end of May.

Plot: As of now (remember I write by the seat of my pants and rarely know what happens a few sentences ahead) Trick and other firefighters are helping the FBI wrap up the terror investigation from the last book, but a horrific surprise awaits him after the end of an extended and exhausting shift.

He will spend the rest of the novel fighting to build his life back to the riveting first chapter when he and his crew are battling a four-alarm blaze. It may have been life threatening, but he had some semblance of control then. I am really thrilled about Book Three. If you read the acknowledgements in my last novel, you’ll see I even reference Book Three as my best book ever!

Stay tuned, I’ll update as I write..

A Savage Trick

is BOOK 3 in the Damaged Heroes Series

The full series reading order is as follows:

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A Savage Trick

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Spring 2019

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