Shhh! Guess what?

April 14, 2019

You can buy the paperback version of A Savage Trick now!! Yes, today- 9 days early! Why? Because even though the official release date for this next book in my Damaged Heroes series is April 23rd, I needed paperback copies for the upcoming Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Event. And the only way to get my author copies was to make paperbacks available for you as well!

I’m keeping the news on the down-low to avoid consumer confusion, since all my promotion lists April 23rd, which is when the digital copy releases. But feel free to buy your paperback copy now, yay! I’m thrilled about this story and have already received emails from early readers gushing about the exciting plot. I know you’ll love it too!

Read the excerpt, and make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter because on the official April 23rd release day I’m giving lots of swag away only to subscribers!

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