Five teasers for “A Savage Trick”:

December 5, 2018

So, this Teaser game has been going around Twitter all week, and after posting these answers yesterday it occurred to me you might like to know them too! Here are five teasers for A Savage Trick:

My hero, Lieutenant Patrick “Trick” Quinn, is a Zen-like Chicago firefighter, who leads the perfect life: a career he loves, a wife of 19 years and two adorable daughters.

He won the lottery a few years back, and after a lot of marital arguing over whether to spend it or save it, the $4 million is now held in trust for his daughters.

One unremarkable day a process server arrives at the firehouse and hands Trick court papers: a petition for divorce and a temporary restraining order for alleged physical and sexual abuse of his family.

Amid the swift and vicious citywide backlash Trick turns to brothers, Jace and Sean for help proving this is a malicious set up.

My heroine, Muslim-American Zamira Bey is the court-ordered supervisor who joins her bestie, Gretch to discover the twisted secret behind the Quinn marriage, just as the Chicago Islamic community comes under attack.

A Savage Trick, is the third book in my Damaged Heroes series and due out in Spring, 2019. The manuscript is presently with my supremely gifted editor, Anya Kagan of Touchstone Editing. If you’d like to catch up on the series: Tall, Dark and Damaged is the first book, and Capturing the Queen is second. Also! Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter, because those lucky subscribers get to see my cover reveal first!

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