Should I Read Your Books in Any Particular Order?

Yes and no. Locked, Loaded and Lying is a ‘whodunit’ stand-alone, and at this time I have no plans to turn it into a series. (Read an excerpt.)

My Damaged Heroes series is in full swing, and although they can certainly be read as individual novels you’ll pick up hints and details if you read them in order.

The first is Tall, Dark and Damaged, which is set in Chicago in late October. This is a modern Gothic romance about second chance love, sibling rivalry and a cat-and-mouse killer who will do anything to keep the skeletons in the closet a secret. This is also the novel that finaled for a 2017 Romance Writers of America RITA Award. Read an excerpt.

The second novel in the Damaged Heroes series, Capturing the Queen, takes place six months later, in May. This is a Beauty and the Geek romance where work adversaries accidentally fall into a rabbit hole of black market artifact smuggling and lone wolf terror. Read an excerpt.

The third book in the Damaged Heroes series, A Savage Trick, is set immediately after Book Two ends — so still May. It works if you pick this up without reading the first two, but I’ll be honest, I think you’re cheating yourself. I’ve hidden something in here that will blow your mind if you read Capturing the Queen first. This story is about a hero firefighter accused of physical and sexual abuse. But in this #MeToo era how can he get anyone to believe in his innocence? Enjoy the excerpt!

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