Rave Review of Incendiary Attraction!

May 12, 2021

My first review on Goodreads…I’m ecstatic!

“I gobbled this book down as quickly as I could while being able to still savor it (is reader’s indigestion a possible thing to have?). Jace is an alpha all the way, and Heidi cannot be categorized as anything but herself. The author did a wonderful job showing the nuances of people-how we read body language, why some of us are more adept at it due to varying life experiences, how some of us show love, and that our weaknesses do not negate our strengths. I’m a training counselor and love the mental health aspect. Also, Jace is freaking hot and I hope this is made into a movie. I could not guess at who was trustworthy or who would be acting undercover for a hate group. At one point I suspected everyone, and am happy to report that not everyone in the book is a member of a group perpetrating hate crimes. The conflicts weren’t contrived and the suspense was real. I could keep going, but instead I’m going to go back and reread the series from the beginning.” -Heidi

Incendiary Attraction releases May 22nd. Have you read an excerpt or pre-ordered your copy?

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