Hurricane Irma Went Right Over Us…

September 13, 2017

I’m okay! But imagine my surprise…We had no clue Hurricane Irma went directly over our gated community in Bonita Springs until it was in the NYT today. Naturally, the path of the storm must have been reported everywhere, but we just got power back at 3:45am this morning, so we’ve virtually been in a media blackout/intermittent cell service for days.

Our home when we drove away.

My husband, 2 Pomeranians and I boarded up our home and bunked with romance writer, (C. F. Francis) and her husband in a home he manages in Lehigh Acres, the highest elevation in SWFL. The eye of Irma passed over there as well! The whole day was definitely a terrifying ordeal, but we all made it without any structural damage or storm surge to that house or both of our own. I’ve posted pictures and videos on my Facebook pages.

When the power went back on this morning, I was up anyway, reading a novel by flashlight. Guess what I immediately did?  Yep, cranked up my coffee machine for the first time in three days!

I’m fine, and I am so grateful for all the thoughts, texts and well wishes! I’m also very aware of those who did not fare well, in both SWFL and my hometown of 20 years, Houston.

Please don’t forget: the rest of this week I am participating in donating all proceeds of my Damaged Heroes series to Hurricane Harvey Relief. The page below will take you to the list of all donating authors and their books:

Help Authors to Help Houston!

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