What was the Biggest Mistake You Ever Made in Any of Your Books?

Oh my gosh, I made a DOOZIE! I’ve never felt compelled to tell anyone just to see if a reader will pick up on the glaring, stupefying mistake I didn’t catch in proofreading. But no one’s made a peep since the novel came out in 2015, so I may as well finally spill!

In Locked, Loaded and Lying the hero (Lock) saves the heroine (Jordan) in a car accident in Chapter One. Thereafter, for the rest of the novel, she has her badly sprained ankle in one of those big plastic boots that looks like a ski boot. Any physical action on her part is obviously limited because of her injury. Well, the last chapter is set a week after their adventures and she is wearing black high-heeled boots. Ack!

As someone who was in a boot for 6 weeks, I can assure you: months went by before I could tolerate any form of elevated heel!

Oops…oh well. Three editors and several proofreaders missed it too.

You’re welcome to read an excerptbuy the book or watch the trailer. Enjoy!

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