Damaged Heroes, Book Four

Part of the Damaged Heroes Series

This is my favorite time in the writing process…the daydreaming that goes into planning a new story! My actual plotting is more like a sketchy overview because I write “organically” (another term for writing by the seat of my pants.) So here is what I do know:

My hero: Jace is the eldest of the five Quinn brothers, and an ex-SEAL-turned-FBI-agent-associate (which is a made up position in the Bureau.) If you have read the previous novels in the Damaged Heroes series you know his self confidence borders on arrogance and he is unable to take orders from females in superior positions. Being a lowly “agent associate” irritates him to no end, and he’s always looking to better himself in the eyes of his male superiors.

My heroine: I know her name is Heidi, and she probably works with the FBI too, maybe in a superior position than Jace (because there’s conflict right there.) I know her personality will have to poke his over-inflated ego, which probably means she’s more analytical and a better creative problem solver, funny, book smart and carefree. I’m looking for an “opposites attract” angle.

My plot: At the end of A Savage Trick, we know Jace is on an important joint task force investigating a recent terror attack, so I’ll bet he’s going to do everything in his power to solve the case with minimal help,  especially from Heidi, and get a promotion to special agent.

Keep returning here for updates, the title (Strong, Silent…and Something?) and other photos of Jace and Heidi!

Damaged Heroes, Book Four

is Part of the Damaged Heroes Series

The full series reading order is as follows:

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Damaged Heroes, Book Four

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Apr 14, 2020

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